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SolarOne Finance is without a doubt one of the most cost-effective ways to buy or finance
an energy-efficient home. See for yourself!

What is SolarOne Finance?

SolarOne Finance without a doubt is one of the most cost-effective way to acquire a rooftop solar system or make energy efficient upgrades to your new or existing home through the financial products and services that we offer. A few things that set us apart from other traditional solar lenders is our ability to finance consumers who do not meet the strict Guidelines set by the solar lenders and our ability to allow every consumer to pocket their 30% federal tax credits*, rather than having to apply their credits to their solar loan. SolarOne Finance’s innovative goal is to change the way that solar is financed.

How does SolarOne Finance save 10-23% on solar?

Many solar lending companies charge hidden fees of 10% to 23% that are built into their solar loans. These service charges are called “Dealer Fees” and they add approximately $3,000 to $18,000 in additional cost to every single traditional solar loan. Hidden dealer fees are added by many solar lenders in the industry and the inclusion of these hidden charges detract from the financial benefits of solar to the consumer.
SolarOne Finance will never charge dealer fees. We are proud that we can lend consumers money for the purpose of a new solar system (or any energy efficiency upgrades) and do it in an ethical and transparent manner that benefits our customers.

Benefits associated with an Energy Efficient Home and Going Solar:

  1. Eliminate your current energy bill immediately.
  2. You will not have a separate loan for solar.
  3. Reduce your personal carbon footprint on the Earth (and help save the planet).
  4. Increase the value of your home by adding a rooftop solar system.
  5. Save THOUSANDS of dollars in long term energy costs.
  6. Receive a Generous 30% Federal Tax Credit* on qualifying energy upgrades.

Average SolarOne Finance Customers save approximately $68,000 over 20 years** by not having a utility bill. SolarOne Finance is here to help you go green by providing you with financing options that are simply not offered by many mortgage companies operating in the renewable solar industry

Will I Receive A Federal Tax Credit?

Yes, you will. Any time a homeowner purchases a Rooftop Solar System, the Federal Government gives back 30% of the cost of the system to the buyer in the form of a Federal Tax Credit. Traditional solar lenders require that borrowers fully apply all 30% of your Federal Tax Incentive Credits to your solar loan within the first 18 months. If you do not apply your Federal Tax Credits to your solar loan, then your monthly payment can nearly double on month 19 when your solar loan re-amortizes. (a feature that consumers are largely unaware of)

With SolarOne Finance, our borrowers get to keep all their Federal Tax Incentives and state solar rebate checks. Solar incentives, as the word implies, were designed to incentivize homeowners to adopt solar. They were not designed to be used as buydown sureties for solar lending companies to make loans. They were intended to benefit and reward you – The Consumer – for “going green”.

Thanks to SolarOne Finance, you can now use your solar incentives for things that will benefit you directly – such as paying off credit card debt, making home improvements, taking vacations or however you see fit to use the money. Thanks to SolarOne Finance, your solar incentives (Federal Tax Credit and State Solar Rebate Checks) will go where the government intended them to go – directly into your pocket.

Solar Loans 120% LTV

We pride ourselves at SolarOne Finance in the knowledge that we offer more than one option when it comes to solar financing. One product we have for homeowners is our 120% mortgage based solar loan. Our loan will allow us to give every homeowner a loan for 120% of your homes value. Based on a $250,000 home, we can lend every homeowner an additional $50,000 for the sole purpose of solar.

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*Make sure to consult a financial advisor or accounting professional regarding tax issues. **Your actual cost savings may vary depending on the size of your system

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